Steps is an app that helps you overcome everyday fears by doing small and fun challenges. You do this by simply facing your fears and doing what you’re afraid of.

This therapy is called exposure therapy and proven as the most effective one when it comes to overcoming anxieties.

With Steps you can practice exposure therapy by doing small challenges everyday that ask you to do something that scares you.

In Steps you find a number of different categories featuring various everyday situations. Open one to find a challenge you feel like doing today or in the future and save it to your list. You will automatically be reminded by Steps about your saved challenges. Categories

My Steps. That’s where you find your saved challenges. My Steps

When you complete a challenge you can share your experience to wherever you like :-) Challenge

After an entire week of preparation, we finally launched Steps on Product Hunt on February 21st. Hunted by an incredible human being named Michael Flarup we got featured around two hours after being live. And so are we proud to say that Steps was #1 in Tech this day :) Product Hunt

Two days later I got sent a screenshot showing that Steps got featured on the App Store in the “New Apps We Love” section of some european countries! Creating an app that would at some point be featured by Apple on the homescreen of the App Store has been a goal of mine for a while but in no way have I expected this to happen so quickly. App Store feature

Steps is a project by Rikke and me.
We started working on the app in November 2016, shipping the first beta on December 28th 2016. The public release of the iOS app on the App Store happened on February 16th 2017.

That’s us :)

us two

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