What’s going on at dub dub?

The World Wide Developers Conference. Probably the most attractive conference in the iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS community for years held annually in beautiful San Francisco. And that goes for me too. I have been wanting to attend for years already but never got a ticket. The demand for tickets is so strong, Apple had to start giving out tickets with a lottery system and about 5000 people were lucky and had the chance of buying a ticket for 1599$. »

Overcoming a crisis

It’s something we all experience from time to time though we tend not to admit it. When I was a child my parents were somehow demonizing and making fun of it giving me the perspective everything would be perfect. And so reality gives you an even harder kick in your stomach when you yourself plunge into a deep crisis and realize that everything is not perfectly working out as you had always been told and expected it. »

About me

Hey! 👋 I’m Fabian from Dresden, Germany. I love developing and designing stuff. Especially Apps! I first started experimenting with iOS in 2010. I have also done some Android development in the past. Very picky when it comes to UX & UI. And I love photography and travel! Get in touch Let’s drink tea and talk together ツ Mail: fabian@fabianehlert.com »

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Am I going to switch?

While seeking for an easy way to compose blog posts and also showing my portfolio I bumped into “Hugo”. I created my previous website with Adobe’s Muse app. It’s easy to learn and gives me a lot of different options to create my website. But I still feel it’s too hard to deal with. I’m just not able to instantly publish my ideas as I always have to deal with formatting the text, moving around text boxes and other elements. »

Daqo iExcellence App

An iOS and Android App I developed for the chinese electronics company Daqo based in Nanjing, Jiangsu while working at UVB-Data. We were a team of three, working on a Windows Phone App, iOS and Android App (that was me) and the backend solution. The project itself evolved quickly after a Skype call between me and the head of UVB-Data who was visiting the Daqo headquarters in China at this time. »

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AKG Bensheim iOS App

An App I developed to help the students at my school getting through their schooldays more easily. The core feature of it is the substitution plan with whose implementation I spent the biggest part of the development time reducing it to the most important information students need and also making it easily readable. Besides that students can also view upcoming appointments, what food will be served in the cafeteria and schedule homework tasks. »

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