My fear of publishing

I started this blog because I have issues with posting things online that can be seen by others. I don’t exactly know what it is that makes it so hard for me to hit “Tweet” on Twitter, “Send“ in the mail app or “Share” in Instagram but there are different things that fly through my head when I reach this point. I start thinking about how others might react to it and that maybe it’s just not worth sharing at all and I’m just going to get laughed at or something. Even now writing this makes me feel quite unsure and I take a look at every single word countless times to check if it’s spelled correctly. And I guess that is fine to a certain extent but not so much if it prevents you from publishing things because you can’t stop criticising yourself for what you’re doing and you start doubting your initial idea that now seems silly, even alien and completely unrealistic to you. But most ideas probably seem silly in first place. When you look at the successful result of something you’ll maybe say “oh what a brilliant idea” but it also started with a possibly silly idea… So we have to keep in mind that if we have a vision of something that we can’t realise ourselves, be it an idea for a new aviation technology that could bring us from Europe to the US within an hour or a clever bicycle that cannot fall, it’s okay to ask for help, to talk with other people about it and possibly find someone who’s really interested in that idea and can help out. And we can do this through writing about our idea. Humanity seems to be helpful. You just need to ask. I didn’t ask but looked around how others are working on overcoming and improve dealing with this anxiety, read through some blogposts about this topic and realised that starting my own blog might be a good idea. So I started this blog on May 27th this year. I wrote about what I was looking for in my first post. My initial idea was to post on a regular basis. I remember being back in San Francisco when I told myself I would be publishing something every two weeks. _I did not manage this._ Instead I always started writing a post when I had an initial idea about something or I felt let down by something and was looking for a hold. I also started with the idea of doing a 50% personal and 50% tech blog. However it developed to an almost pure personal blog with only one technical post till now. But I’m fine with it as this turned out to really work for me and I found joy and a new passion in writing 😊 For sure it’s not the all-round solution for overcoming social anxieties. There are many more things I would like to improve in, especially social anxieties. If you have ideas or stories you would like to share, I am more than happy to hear from you 😊

Thank you for reading and don't forget to make 2017 extraordinary! ;-)