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HTW is the abbreviation of “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft”, the German term for “University of Applied Sciences” In October 2017, I moved from my hometown Zwingenberg (which is near Frankfurt Main) to Dresden to take up my studies in Computer Science. Even before the semester had begun, my friends Ben and Kilian (both incredible human beings and software engineers!) and I were talking about the need of a new App for our university. »

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It happened again

I’ve been writing about feeling bad a couple of times. Mainly because it helps me to better cope with it. Feeling bad can be the result of so many different things. For me it’s mostly social situations or basically anything involving other people that can make me feel bad or very uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s really bad. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t talk. I’ve reached such a point again. »


Steps is an app that helps you overcome everyday fears by doing small and fun challenges. You do this by simply facing your fears and doing what you’re afraid of. This therapy is called exposure therapy and proven as the most effective one when it comes to overcoming anxieties. With Steps you can practice exposure therapy by doing small challenges everyday that ask you to do something that scares you. »

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This is Steps

The first Steps In October of 2016 I met an amazing human being who had the simple - but not so often seen - idea to help people. Before flying down to Italy to attend my favorite iOS developer conference - #pragma conference - I was going through the list of speakers and stumbled upon Rikke. I started reading her blogposts where I came across her idea “Steps”. »Steps helps people overcome social anxieties with fun and progressive challenges. »

My fear of publishing

I started this blog because I have issues with posting things online that can be seen by others. I don’t exactly know what it is that makes it so hard for me to hit “Tweet” on Twitter, “Send“ in the mail app or “Share” in Instagram but there are different things that fly through my head when I reach this point. I start thinking about how others might react to it and that maybe it’s just not worth sharing at all and I’m just going to get laughed at or something. »

This was #PragmaConf16 for me

🔥🎉✏️🎨📱💻⌚📺🍕🍨🇮🇹 – tl;dr #Pragma Conference 2016 is over. Here is how I experienced it. There is really something about conferences that attracts me and always makes me wanna come back. And I think it’s something totally human. It’s the urge of being with other people who I have something in common with. It’s about learning and self-improvement through communication. The first conference I ever attended was one in Germany back in 2013. »

About setbacks

I wasn’t feeling very well in the past days. Almost four months ago I wrote about overcoming a crisis and how in the end it will all turn out good. However I also mentioned setbacks. At that time I thought I already knew what these where about. I thought it would be a really short amount of time in which you feel really bad but somehow also know that this would be over soon and you wouldn’t even care that much. »

Signing GitHub Commits

This one is going to be a more technical post on how to sign commits. I will write a separate blog post about key signing and GPG in particular later. This guide is written for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have never used GPG before or you are the creator of it. Why sign commits at all? While git cryptographically is secure, you cannot be sure that work really comes from a specific person that claims to be the source of it. »

Your struggle is hard. I know.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt just terrible, you were lost in bad thoughts and you were trying to compensate and making it all up by desperately trying to convince yourself that you are not struggling as bad as you think and telling the higher instance of yourself that bazillions of people on planet earth would be in a worse position than you? Well you possibly have experienced something like that in person and I would like you to stop thinking with this pattern. »